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hawkwind2000 @ 05:49 pm: Well, this sounds likely
So i went to my rheumatologist on Tuesday, and after hearing what the trial week of prednisone did for me, she still wants to put me on plaquenil. Still not sure which auto-immune I have, but she thinks it sounds like Sjögren's Syndrome. I'm dubious, cause I don't *have* dry mouth (except I've been waking up with it more, but I figured that was cause I was snoring a lot more due to the muscle relaxants). But one of the things about plaquenil is that it can fuck up your eyes in particular ways. ANd so off I go to the opthalmologist to get baseline observations so taht if it starts to fuck up we can stop it fast.

And so there is the doctor, staring at my eyes with a bright light, and says, "You have dry eyes."


"I do? I've never noticed."
"Yep. Tears aren't quite covering the eyeball."

Which just goes to prove taht my perception sucks. Awareness?

So I guess I'm wondering if anyone else here is on an immune-suppressant drug, and how, if at all, it affects what you do for play. I'm sitting here envisioning all the things that are a bad idea to do if your immune system is sluggish/depressed, starting with 'staying up late' to 'stressing the body' to 'breaking the skin' to 'interacting wtih lots of people' to 'fucking'.


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