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not_in_denial @ 10:50 am: Crossposted to cripswithwhips and kqwd.
So, last Friday I was lucky enough to learn rope suspension through a private class with Bridgett Harrington. Four suspensions in three hours, pretty intense stuff, and it was awesome.

It's Wednesday now and I can still barely move. I suspect it will be a few weeks before I'm ready to perform another suspension.

Do you ever find yourself frustrated because you've found your niche, so to speak, something you absolutely love to do, but because of your condition you're unable to do it regularly/at all? How do you deal with that?

Also, does it annoy anyone else at how practically no play space or dungeon seems to be wheelchair friendly? Or is it just here in Melbourne that that's the case? I had to walk up two flights of stairs before I even got to lay my hands on any rope.


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Date:November 15th, 2006 01:49 am (UTC)
My particular favorite is bondage (I am the one doing the knots). Ropes are fun, but often too hard to handle most of the time. I have never been able to get into it as much as I'd like because my hands just won't work that well for that long except under special conditions. I've been able to use cuffs when I can't use rope... it's a nice alternative.
Date:November 15th, 2006 02:22 am (UTC)
Wheelchair accessible dungeons are rare if at all even in sex-laden San Francisco, as I know to my annoyance. I swear, next time I'm just making a bunch of subs carry me up and down the damn stairs.

And yes, it's frustrating as heck. I haven't even been out at clubs that much, but it wasn't that long ago when someone offered me a lovely bare butt to spank, and not a spanking device in sight - and my hands ached too damn much to do it justice. Bah!

Where are all the ergonomic and padded-handle sex toys, damnit?
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Date:November 15th, 2006 03:02 am (UTC)
I can indeed relate. I love mummification. I love the feel of being totally immobilized and unable to do anything about it. However, with my osteo-arthritis, it's not always possible to do for long periods of time. My shoulders especially ache from holding my arms in one place for so long.
I also love being strung on a cross and flogged until the cows come home. However, with my bad shoulders and knees I can't stand at it for long periods of time and my arms really can't go over my shoulders for more than a few minutes.
It's frustrating, but Ma'am and I keep trying to find ways around my health issues. She's very inventive. hehehehehehe
As for stairs....I hate them. So does Ma'am. We're so thankful that the local group here has their play space on one floor....the main one. LOL
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